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Travis Larson Band

"The greatest band you've never heard".

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"The greatest band you've never heard".

"The soulful fury of this talented three-piece, the Travis Larson Band, washes the stink of the recording industry’s lame offerings out into the gutters while unleashing it’s unique brand of instrumental rock fusion (think of a musical stew mixing a thick brown Rush gravy with big hearty chunks of Steve Morse and a dash of Jeff Beck).”

Comprised of Travis Larson (guitar), Jennifer Young (bass), and Dale Moon (drums), TLB’s complicated phrasing, impossible timing, and seamless flow cause some to suspect that the band must surely operate from only one, albeit enormous, brain.

With seven studio albums and three full-length performance DVDs, the award-winning Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music’s premiere acts, having worked on record with Steve Lukather (Toto), Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck), Dave LaRue (Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Dixie Dregs), Vinx (Sting, Herbie Hancock).

Years of ambitious touring and shared live billing with notables such as Ted Nugent, UFO, Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs), The Aristocrats, has established the band’s reputation for live performances that masterfully deliver full throttle rock-fusion.

Travis Larson Band's 2011 studio release Soundmind earned accolades as Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Top Three. Endorsement relationships include Ernie Ball/MusicMan, Electro-Voice, Digitech, Markbass, DV Mark,Gretsch, and Sabian.


Anicca (PRCN-1012 CD 2016)

Shift Happens - LIVE In Mexicali (PRCN-1011 DVD 2015)

Shift (PRCN-1010 CD 2013)

Soundmind (PRCN-1009 CD 2011)

Rate of Change LIVE (PRCN-1008 DVD 2009)

Rate of Change LIVE (PRCN-1007 CD 2009)

Rate of Change (PRCN-1006 CD 2006)

Burn Season (PRCN-1005 CD 2004)

Rock Show (PRCN-1004 DVD 2003)

Suspension (PRCN-1003 CD 2001)

Travis Larson Band (PRCN-1001 CD 1998)